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Indoor plants are great for creating an impressive image, improving work areas, and boosting morale. Romac Integrated offers plant rental services for the convenience of its customers.  Contact us to learn more about our products »

Horticultural Décor

Studies in the US and Britain have shown that plants do purify the air. They are very efficient in removing formaldehyde from the air. British studies found that plants are excellent in reducing indoor noise levels. Additionally it was found that offices with plants have less dust than those without.

Plants are being used in an ever-increasing number of interior and exterior situations, to create an impressive image, to improve work areas, and to boost morale. Our flexible range of services is geared to changing needs and fashions … based on a firm understanding of plants and horticulture and the particular demands and limitations of each location.

The following are a list of the range of services:

  • Long or short-term plant rental
  • Design and installation of plants for interior landscaping
  • Expert plant maintenance on a weekly agreed basis (watering, feeding, pest control & pruning)
  • Plant care tips
  • Landscape and Grounds upkeep
  • Sales of Aglaonemas